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  • Has it been ages since you took some time to yourself?

  • Do you emerge from your weekends feeling tired and unfulfilled?

  • Are you too busy for all the mainstream woo-woo and looking for actionable self-care advice?

Welcome to Weekend Wind Down.

Short, Interesting, Actionable.

Weekend wind down packs these three adjectives into a bi-weekly dose of insights and wellness practices that can be squeezed into the busy bee schedule.

Who is it for?


  • Yogis and chair warriors

  • The young and the old

  • Busy moms and bored students

You need neither much yoga experience nor much time to put the insights from Weekend Wind Downs into action.

What's inside?

Short answer. Yoga and wellness tidbits to make your weekends a tad healthier, a tad more fun, and a tad more useful.

Long answer. This newsletter is sort of a personal experiment. As a new mom, I literally have NO time for baths with candles, 1-hour yoga classes, or long reading sessions. But I do long for brain food and self-care.

With Weekend Wind Down, you'll get a balanced mix of yoga, lifestyle hacks, and self-care activities for a fulfilling and healthy weekend.

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